retail_1The future of golf looks bright. The U.S. golf industry has grown to a $76 billion industry, and a recent study jointly conducted by the National Golf Foundation and McKinsey & Company found that golf is more popular than ever:

  • The number of American golfers has grown to roughly 30 million
  • The number of golfers has risen to 12.6% of the population (vs. 3.5% 50 years ago), earning golf the moniker of “America’s favorite game”
  • The average American golfer today looks more like the average American – with more women, juniors, seniors and minorities playing than ever before
  • The National Golf Foundation estimates that golfing baby boomers alone will play 75 to 100 million incremental rounds of golf in the U.S. by 2025


Golf Etc. of America, Inc. is currently the fastest-growing golf retail franchise in America and provides a rewarding opportunity for golf lovers to own and operate a distinctive golf shop. All of our franchisees receive comprehensive training, ongoing support and the use of the Golf Etc. brand.

Our retail franchise program offers the following to franchise owners:

  • Market Analysis and Site Selection Support
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Comprehensive Business Plan (consisting of 5 years of financial projections)
  • Assistance in Loan Process
  • Proprietary Better Golf FasterTM Software System
  • Comprehensive Training
  • POS and Inventory Management System
  • Comprehensive Setup of Retail Store, Service Center & Performance Fitting Center



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